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12 de julho de 20233min

The world is changing at an increasingly pace. As time goes by, the way we communicate, interact, produce, buy, sell and even the place we live change. The speed of these changes has become the “new normal” in an increasingly volatile, complex, uncertain and, often, ambiguous world.
Advertising, as an immediate cultural and economic reflex of our society, is inevitably impacted by these changes. Consumers have become more demanding, challenging brands’ communication contents and structure, and obliging brands, more than ever, to build their reputation based on purpose, values and commitments. They are now looking for a loyal, coherent relationship with the public, which is achieved through traditional mass media (e.g.: radio, TV, printed press) along with digital media (e.g.: search engines, social media, marketplaces, etc.).
Brazil has always been a reference point in the global advertising industry. However, despite being a well-deserved fame, it is not a guarantee of success in a challenging and diverse environment. When it comes to maintaining relations between different actors and links in the advertising ecosystem, the consensus is that evolving is not only possible, but necessary.
Throughout the past two decades, media vehicles, agencies and advertisers have organized themselves through self-regulation which, despite righteous in its origin, must be urgently reviewed. Sometimes, less is more. With balance and transparency, self-regulation should be recalibrated to reflect harmoniously the industry and present world’s demands, characterized by the existence of mature economic agents who are more than capable of exposing and debating their respective points of view and interests, with freedom and


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